Here's a question with no right or wrong answer. Who is sexier? Shakira or Rihanna? Well, each pop diva says that about the other in the behind-the-scenes clip from their ultra-sexy 'Can't Remember to Forget You' video.

If you didn't pass out from the intensity of the video for their steamy duet, how about another round of supreme hotness from the two divas? You get it with this footage. RiRi slaps Shak's butt and they lounge on a bed, smoking cigars.

Yeah, as if the actual vid wasn't a clinic of how to be hot! They go "there" in the BTS footage. They also gush about one another separately, with each saying the other is the sexiest woman they know.

Rihanna called Shakira the sexiest woman alive and one of her favorite artists, who is "an icon in my eyes." She also questioned how she could compete with how hot Shak is during the filming.

Shak also gushed about Ri, calling her "one of the sexiest woman I have ever met. God knows I can be sexy, but I need a countdown. 'Shakira, 3, 2, 1! Be sexy, go!' But she is inherently and innately sexy every second of her life."

Hey, there's enough sexy to go around, gals! Shak and RiRi just corner the market on sex appeal.