If you're a 16-year-old in tonight's episode of 'American Idol,' not only do you have the challenge of proving yourself despite your young age, you also have to sing a song from your 1995 birth year -- a time when some of the biggest singing divas were at their peak. Tonight, Shannon Magrane took a bite out of the Mariah CareyBoyz II Men collaboration 'One Sweet Day,' and after terrifying the judges with her choice, she pleasantly surprised them.

Before Magrane took the stage, we saw a clip of her parents remembering how she used to dance around their house singing the song from the cartoon 'Thumbelina,' asking constantly for them to play it again. In her rehearsal with Jimmy Iovine and will.i.am, the two judges coaxed the sweet blonde out of her first pick of a No Doubt song and instead steered her toward the Mariah song, which spent 16 weeks at the top of Billboard's Hot 100.

Taking the stage confidently in sequined shorts and a sequined jacket and black tights, the Tampa, Fla. native impressed the audience and the judges by staying perfectly on pitch and nailing the runs throughout the song. As with any song from such a pop goddess, though, the best you can really do is mimic, buckle up and hope for the best. Though Magrane was no Mariah (don't blame the 16-year-old, though), she gave a great performance and proved her determination and staying power in this competition.

When she was done and nothing was pitchy, everyone breathed a collective sigh of pleasant relief and Jennifer Lopez admitted, “I was honestly terrified for you, but you did a beautiful job with that. You did some beautiful little runs with it. Impressed.” Steven Tyler agreed, adding that he loves her voice when she's not trying so hard, and she didn't try too hard tonight.

Randy Jackson, who has worked with Carey in the past, said his first thought when he heard the song choice was “Don’t take on the big monster. Oh no! But you know what," he offered, "Listen, you are here because you have mad potential and we really like you ... Considering the mountain you were trying to climb, good job.”

Watch Shannon Magrane Perform 'One Sweet Day' on 'American Idol'