Ut oh. Is a feud brewing between heavy metal matriarch Sharon Osbourne and teen sensation Justin Bieber?

Once The Biebs -- or, at the very least, Beliebers -- gets a load of what Osbourne said about him, they may overreact and start calling for her head. But as it turns out, the outspoken 'America's Got Talent' judge and MTV reality star likes the singer as a person, she doesn't think he has any career longevity. Why does she think J to the B is a flash in the pan? Put simply, his fans will outgrow him and move on.

She also has no sympathy for him, since he is now loaded and has a fat wallet.

Sharon, are you bracing for impact? You didn't just insult The Biebs. You insulted Beliebers, and they are known to go on the offensive and defensive simultaneously.

While appearing at Sydney's National Radio Conference (quotes courtesy of Perez Hilton), Osbourne spoke about her work with The Biebs on a Super Bowl commercial and why she thinks he won't last:

For me, Justin is… I've met him, I've worked with him, I did a TV commercial with him. He's a really great little guy. But that's his problem - he's a little guy. His fans are growing up, they're 18, 19-year-olds now. And that means the little girls of t---ies and lips, you know they're young women. And he still looks like that little boy! He needs some hair, or something. I just don't think, from my gut, maybe my gut's wrong 'cause it's not 100%, but I don't think he's going to stand the test of time. But you know what, I don't feel sorry for him, because he's made oodles and he's a fabulously nice person and he'll go on to do something else.

Yikes. To Beliebers, thems fightin' words.

PopCrushers, do you think Sharon Osbourne was out of line with her comments about The Biebs and his future?

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