Shawn Mendes fans sure are in for a treat today (Feb. 25). He unveiled his latest music video for the song “Never Be Alone.” The video shows a girl walking through some thick brush, tall trees and ice patches like she’s searching for something the entire time. Shawn, meanwhile, is sitting inside somewhere, separate from her. The entire thing is very woodsy and has an outdoorsy feel to it, as it shows Shawn in what we assume is some kind of log cabin.

The lyrics are sad and sweet, as Shawn sings, “Hey / I know there are some things we need to talk about / And I can’t stay / Just let me hold you for a little longer now / Take a piece of my heart / Make it all your own / So when we are apart / You’ll never be alone / You’ll never be alone.” Totally tugging at our heartstrings right now.

When the aforementioned girl finally seems to find what she was looking for -- a cabin! -- the viewer realizes it’s the same place Shawn was seen writing in earlier. At first, you think “Oh, cool, she found him! They’re about to be reunited!” Because while the song has a kind of sad quality to it inherent in the lyrics, there’s still the idea of never really being alone, hence the title. But as soon as she looks around the cabin, it’s obvious that she didn’t make it in time, because he's not there anymore. The only thing left of Shawn is a note he left her. Timing is everything, kids.

Check out Shawn's new video for "Never Be Alone" above and let us know what you think of it!

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