The video for 'She Wolf (Falling to Pieces),' the new collaboration between David Guetta and Sia, follows hunters as they try to kill a fleeing wolf, but in the end it's the animal-human hybrid that wins out.

Guetta and Sia do not appear at all in the clip, which opens with a slightly NSFW view of a nude woman from behind. Before long, viewers see a closeup of a spear dripping blood and a pack of sled dogs with hunters chasing a bloody wolf across a snowy landscape.

It looks as though things are going to end badly for the wild animal, but just as the natives seem to have the wolf cornered, a thumping beat takes over the song and the ground begins shaking beneath the hunters. After some sort of digital shock wave seems to blow off the hunters' faces, the wolf safely continues its journey.

As Sia sings, "You loved me and I’m froze in time / Hungry for that flesh of mine / But I can’t compete with a she wolf who has brought me to my knees," a new group of hunters on horses corners the wolf, but they meet the same unfortunate fate as the earlier group, and the wolf turns back into a nude woman as the video ends.

'She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)' appears on 'Nothing But the Beat 2.0,' a repackaged edition of Guetta's most recent album. Guetta and Sia last hooked up on 'Titanium,' which hit the Top 10 in July.