Shia LaBeouf was clean-shaven during a court appearance today (Nov. 25) for a probation compliance hearing that resulted from his arrest that took place in June earlier this year. He was arrested at Studio 54 during a Broadway showing of ‘Cabaret’ for acting disruptive and smoking inside the theater. Shia -- who was reportedly drunk at the time -- allegedly told a police officer during his arrest: “I’ll end your life. Do you know who I am?”

The good news? The court visit apparently went well as Shia was able to prove that he was receiving treatment at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles.

According to E! News, Shia did not speak to any reporters outside the courthouse, choosing to remain quiet instead. He is supposed to report back on March 20, where his record will reportedly be wiped clean if he avoids arrest for six months. His attorney, Robert Gage, told E! News, "Shia has done a terrific job of complying with his program and we appreciate the court's recognition of that.”

We're rooting for you, Shia!

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