Shia LaBeouf has gotten a restraining order against a crazed fan.

According to TMZ, the troubled actor was granted the restraining order against Graciela Nahle, a woman who repeatedly showed up at his house threatening him and going off on bizarre and erratic rants.

The site reports that Nahle once showed up eating watermelon, threatening to blow up LaBeouf's house after he told her to leave. But it didn't stop there -- the woman also reportedly screamed that she was going to blow up the world, referring to the actor as Albert Einstein.

"You are Albert Einstein and we belong together!" Nahle reportedly said. Yikes.

She has allegedly shown up at LaBeouf's residence three times, including another terrifying incident where she showed up carrying an infant and claimed that she and LaBeouf were best friends in a past life. TMZ reports that she has been previously arrested for making threats against the actor.

She has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the 'Transformers' star, who recently plead guilty to disorderly conduct after being arrested at 'Cabaret.'

So scary.