SHINee member Key is single and ready to mingle with a certain lady... if she's willing to have him, that is. The boy band member recently admitted to crushing on Davinchi singer Kang Min Kyung!

Wouldn't they be such a cute-sounding couple? Key and Kang! Now if that isn't worthy of an "aww," we don't know what is.

According to Soompi, the guys of SHINee were filming a guest appearance on JTBC’s 'Lee Soo Geun’s High Society,' which seems to involve sitting in a circle and answering blush-inducing questions, like which celebrities they've been eyeing.

The show's host asked Key, "Which female idols do you want to invite to your dorm?" The singer picked Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung as his celebrity dream girl, explaining that he "recently saw her advertising an electric shaver and it drew my attention.” That girl must have nice gams!

Members of the boy band Infinite also appeared on the show, and Sung Kyu was asked the thing. He was shy about it at first, but then admitted to fancying Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. His reasons? “We’re from the same hometown (Jeonju), so we can talk about our hometown while eating bibimbap.”

FYI: Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish with rice, veggies and sometimes meat and/or eggs. Sounds delish, right?