Nashville rock band Shirock have unveiled the video for 'Still Young,' which finds the group leaving behind baggage, literally and figuratively.

The clip opens with glimpses of fire on a desert-like landscape. Singer and band founder Chuck Shirock wanders through the open terrain dragging a heavy suitcase. He still hasn't found what he's looking for, as he sings, "All I need is a chance to see you smile / While we're still young."

The singer continues struggling over the rocky ground, finally collapsing out of exhaustion as day turns to night. After ditching the suitcase, he's able to sprint to a woman in the distance -- that would be Pap Shirock, the group's keyboardist. They finish the song with the full band, leaving viewers to ponder the metaphors about getting rid of excess baggage and embracing freedom.

Chuck explains more about the song on the band's website: "'Still Young' is a song about trying to find hope when all we felt was doubt and uncertainty. It's about feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of big ideas and passing time, but realizing that as long as we are alive there is still a chance to make a difference."

The track appears on Shirock's debut album 'Everything Burns,' which has been repackaged as 'Everything Burns Deluxe,' with eight additional tracks and music video content.

Watch the Shirock 'Still Young' Video