'Teen Wolf' star Tyler Posey is definitely taking his split with ex-fiancee, Seana Gorlick, pretty hard. Not that we blame him -- the two had been together since middle school before announcing their engagement in 2013, and then their subsequent breakup this past October.

Tyler has decided to start a YouTube series called 'Music for Your Ears to Bleed To,' where he posts covers of songs (from 'What's My Age Again' by Blink 182 to 'Blackbird' by the Beatles). One thing we love about the series is how relatable Tyler comes off as in his videos. He definitely feels more like your BFF from college than a totally famous actor, and that's something we can always appreciate.

In the video posted above, Tyler sings an original song that's clearly about heartbreak. While we can't confirm that it's about his ex-fiancee, the lyrics are definitely sad enough to be about a breakup: "She ruined everything for me / Left a bad taste, it’s still hard to breathe / Scared I’ll run into her again / She’s haunting me like a ghost / Don’t know when to quit."

He does go on to say that he's found new meaning in his life and wants to use his YouTube series to hopefully motivate fans and help inspire people to be the best they can be, and we're totally down for his positive message.

The best part of the video? When Tyler decides to jump into a completely unheated pool. What do you guys think? Love his song? Can you relate to it?

Or are you just stoked on the fact that he's shirtless the entire time? (We don't blame you.) Check out the video above and let us know!

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