Shontelle has released a new video for her latest single, 'Say Hello to Goodbye,' which is featured on the Barbadian singer's sophomore album, 'No Gravity.'

In this video, the 25-year-old is incognito in a nearly empty train terminal, lamenting about her failed relationship. As she comes to the sad conclusion that there's nothing left to salvage, she heads to the ladies room and changes into a new outfit for this new stage in her life.

Still, she runs into her ex on a non-moving train, where they exchange a long, awkward stare. To pour more salt in the wound, the two see another couple sharing a long, loving embrace on the platform.

'Say Hello to Goodbye' follows the release of 'Impossible' and 'Perfect Nightmare,' the first two singles from Shontelle's 2010 album.

Watch the Shontelle 'Say Hello to Goodbye' Video