Shwayze's video for 'Love Letter' -- the breezy song featuring production team the Cataracs and the breathy, ethereal Dev -- explores the lost art of letter writing, which is indeed a threatened, nearly extinct mode of communication!

Nowadays, everyone and their mother texts and uses digital media as the primary means with which to communicate. The plugged-in generation probably has sloppy handwriting since no one has any penmanship practice, and this video is a surprisingly upbeat exploration of the modern notion of dead letters.

In the video, saying "I love you" or even "I like you" is hard enough, whether you write it in a letter or whisper it in someone's ear. This video is an extra-cute look at the difficulty people have with substantial communication that needs to be conveyed in more than 140 characters or in the space of a Smart Phone.

The most fun moments of the video come when Shwayze is sliding across the bar as he sings, or when Cisco Adler tries to convey what he thinks and feels to a lovely lady. The video also shines a subtle spotlight on how men and women see things in two very different ways. We also love the yellow legal paper in the background behind Shwayze's head when he sings.

Watch the Shwayze 'Love Letter' Feat. the Cataracs and Dev Video