What if the typically-discerning Banksy tossed on a two-toned, shoulder-length wig, got a group of friends to do the same and just went nuts with some Rust-Oleum all over town? Sia's new lyric video for "Alive" has got your answer.

The song, originally penned for Adele, is dramatic, moody and features the stored potential energy of a row of catapults—the clip above is the perfect complement. It opens on a blurry convergence of shadowy taggers armed with aerosol cans and hidden behind cloaking hoodies. As is frequently the case with Sia herself, their faces are obscured, but they've got good reason—someone seems to be hot on their heels, and they'll be damned if they're implicated in the makeshift touring art show.

The unlawful artists spray-paint the song's lyrics across cinder blocks, bridge bases and the tops of tunnels. Plus: accompanying images! TVs? Sure! Tilted babies? Why not. And if you didn't think you'd see a pair of hands wrapped around a UPC as if the bar code was a series of cell bars, you've got another thing coming.

"Alive" is the first single off of the forthcoming album This Is Acting, which will feature tracks Sia originally wrote with other artists in mind. She'll be Saturday Night Live's musical guest on November 7 for the second time. Donald Trump will host the episode.

Check out the stunning video, and hang tight for more on This Is Acting.

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