If you think the super mysterious, super talented pop star Sia doesn't have a sense of humor, watch the above video and rethink that misguided opinion. The "Chandelier" singer released a phone game called "Bob Job!" and we are so into this marketing strategy.

The trailer for the game reads more like satire, with (what we are assume are) fake quotes supposedly generated by various media outlets. Most comment on the phone in the trailer, which is non-functional but does have a Sia-like wig for a phone case, while also praising the game itself for being all kinds of fun.

In case you were wondering what the game entails, we'll break it down for you: It looks like the whole point is to pair up three matching Sia wigs, unicorns or dogs together in a row as they come on-screen, all while racing against a clock. It looks pretty similar to Candy Crush, but you get to hear Sia's music while you play so it is infinitely better.

According to Variety, the app is free for both Android and Apple users and was designed by Sia in conjunction with Mass Threat. A spokesperson for Sia says all proceeds from the app will benefit the Best Friends Animal Society.

In addition to "Bob Job," Sia recently recorded her own version of the classic '60s hit "California Dreamin'" for the soundtrack to the upcoming thriller San Andreas, and it is totally kickass. There may only be a tiny snippet of a preview on iTunes, but that 90 seconds of bliss has been put on repeat -- manually, because there is no other way -- for us over the past 24 hours.

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