Good morning, and a very merry This Is Acting Day to you ! (Have you read our track-by-track review yet?)

Right in time to celebrate the release of her brand new studio album today (January 29), Sia, Queen of Songwriting, hit the stage of Good Morning America bright and early this AM to wake up the morning commuters with a thunderous performance of her Acting track, "Reaper," co-written and co-produced by Kanye West.

Of course, no Sia performance is complete without a wigged-out visual buffet: The singer, obscured by her This Is Acting-era black and white wig and a massive bow, recruited two male dancers to dance 'round the room, tussle and torment in an elaborate interpretive dance as she belted out her soaring tune.

"I feel like it's a good experiment to see if I'm right. I felt like they were good songs, but nobody was picking up on them," she explained of the album's concept. Evidently, the experiment is paying off — This Is Acting is currently No. 1 in over 50 countries. Upon hearing this news, Sia began cackling uncontrollably. Actual queen.

Come for the music, stay for Sia's hearty laughter.

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