Another day, another stunning performance from Sia.

Tonight the camera-shy Australian singer-songwriter took to the X Factor UK stage to perform her new hit single, "Alive," off her upcoming seventh studio album This Is Acting. Appearing onstage in her signature black-and-blond bob wig, a crisp white shirt-dress, and a polka dot bow so giant, floppy, and cute it would make Minnie Mouse herself jealous, the superstar songwriter gave a stirring performance of the smokey, emotional electro-ballad.

For the performance, Sia was first gently lowered onto an enormous glass cage with a petite, nude-leotard-wearing dancer inside who, taking a page from Maddie Ziegler's book, twitched and danced dramatically along with the music and laser lightshow. As for Sia, from her poised theatricality to her iconic, outrageous head-wear to her showstopping powerhouse vocals, the Aussie vocalist gave the crowd every ounce of her soul with the live rendition, and in turn was treated to a standing ovation from the audience at the end of her performance.  Watch below:

Ironically, "Alive" wasn't originally intended to be sung by Sia. The track was originally written with Adele in mind, though considering the British artist's recent record-breaking streak with her latest album 25, it's really no skin off her back that she ultimately decided not to use it. In any event, the anthemic track is perfectly suited for Sia's emotive vocals, and we're thankful she kept it, well, alive.

This Is Acting is due for release January 29, 2016. So far, two other tracks—"Bird Set Free" and "One Million Bullets"—have been shared from the album.

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