Four well-dressed singers from Virginia Beach who go by the name of 4Shore have a simple goal: to be the biggest boy band ever and to win 18 Grammys. There's nothing wrong with shooting for the stars and 4Shore inched closer to that goal on 'X Factor.' They quickly and easily earned four "yes" votes!

The 4Shore boys took an incredible risk by performing Boyz II Men's ballad 'End of the Road,' which judge L.A. Reid wrote. But thanks to 4Shore's coordinated dancing, their impeccable, unique way of harmonizing (which got better as the song escalated), they had L.A. grooving in his seat and not just because he was in love with his own song. They improvised the smash hit song's usual coda and give it a twist, which had the crowd clapping.

Paula Abdul called them a "blessing" but it was Simon Cowell who delivered the biggest compliment to the group, saying, "I always wanted to find an artist who would be a success all over the world, for Americans to be proud of. I think America would be proud of you."

Watch 4Shore Perform Boyz II Men's 'End of the Road' on 'X Factor'