Has the hatchet between 'X Factor' host Simon Cowell and his estranged colleague/British singer Cheryl Cole finally been buried? Cowell and Cole enjoyed success together on the British version of the reality talent competition series, which Cowell had hoped to replicate by inviting Cole to be a judge on the newly-launching American version. She was abruptly dismissed from the American edition earlier this summer and was said to be bitter at Cowell over it. As a result, their friendship cooled considerably.

However, Mail on Sunday reports that Cowell and Cole may have repaired their fractured friendship and business relationship. The duo reportedly had a "secret meeting" in LA two weeks ago which resulted in Cole forgiving the normally salty former 'American Idol' judge and accepting his apology.

While Cole was in the US filming her cameo in 'What to Expect When You're Expecting,' she allegedly visited Cowell at his LA-area home. A source told the Mail that "Simon invited her for dinner. He did all the running – he was much more upset about their friendship breaking down than he let on." Cowell had reportedly been trying to persuade Cole to meet with him for weeks.

The source says that the two talked about why Cole was released from the show and he extended an olive branch in the form of an "I'm sorry." Cowell allegedly wants to work with Cole again in some capacity in the future.

Cowell and Cole are also said to be texting now, and while Cole is allegedly playing it cool, she is happy to have renewed her dealings with Cowell.