How appropriate! Ice cold TV personality (formerly of 'American Idol' and now 'X Factor' judge) Simon Cowell says he hopes to be cryogenically frozen after he dies. The science of cryonics entails that after a body perishes, the corpse can be preserved in ice until the future when advances in medicine will be able to resurrect him. Seriously, he really wants to be frozen, Austin Powers style.

In the Septemeber issue of GQ, Cowell said, "It's an insurance policy. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. If it does work, I'll be happy. If it's possible, and I think it will be, why not have a second crack? Does that sound crazy? I think it's a good idea." Television may love Simon Cowell's painfully honest and often insensitive remarks, but does the world really need him around forever?

During the interview, Cowell further proved that he is a bit wacky, saying that he has vitamins injected intravenously into him daily to protect his body. The vitamins are "B12, magnesium, vitamin C, and, he says, 'something for your liver.'" Apparently, his arm is sprayed with a freezing (there he goes with the iciness again) spray to numb his skin, and the IV is placed in his arm for a half hour, even in the middle of business meetings and on the sets of his show!

"Even when I'm having a viewing session with producers, [the IV woman] just sticks a needle in me and we carry on doing whatever we're doing ... When you have it done, it's an incredibly warm feeling," he says. "You feel all the vitamins going through you. It's indescribable but very calming, and then it gives you energy for a good few days afterwards."

Despite the fact that we find his public IV use semi-nauseating, Cowell said the treatment works wonders, and other celebrities have been trying out the treatment. "Everyone I've recommended it to, they've absolutely loved it," he explains. "It sounds odd, but when you have it, it is fantastic ... One girl came down and actually had two orgasms during the treatment." Um, that's a little too much information, Mr. Cowell, but whatever floats your boat!