Louis Tomlinson knows a thing or two about bands. After all, the singer and father-to-be is literally 1/4 of one of the biggest British boy bands on the planet. And while the future of One Direction is a little unclear at the moment, with a hiatus nearly imminent, Louis isn't ready to let go of the whole band thing, at least not completely.

During a promotional interview for the X Factor U.K., the singer revealed that he and Simon Cowell are working with one another to put together a girl band.

"I've got a little label imprint so I'm trying to work with that at the moment," Louis shared during an Xtra Preview chat, adding, "I'm lucky enough to be working with Simon [Cowell]. We've got a few different projects going on at the moment, one of which is we're trying to put a girl band together."

And who better to create a British girl band together than an artist whose chart-topping musical group was literally formed and bred on the X Factor (during its seventh season), as well as the supreme overlord of the British music season, Simon Cowell? It's a match made in pop music heaven.

While Louis has obviously been more of a front-and-center guy in One Direction, the singer also shared that he is looking forward to dipping his toes into the back-end of music development: "It's really exciting to be involved in the different side of it, the background."

Watch him reveal his and Simon's plans in the clip below:

What do you think, directioners? Will we get another Little Mix? A Girls Aloud, perhaps? Personally, I'm holding out for a Spice Girls redux. Give us something good to look forward to, Louis and Simon!

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