Simon Cowell really can't get it together when it comes to the 'X Factor' panel. One day he's offering Britney Spears $10 million to join. The next, he's all up in Rihanna's grill about taking the gig. Then, he's saying he doesn't need A-listers to comprise the panel. All these rumors about who he will get to fill the two vacant seats are running rampant. Today's top 'X Factor' panel story suggests that the producer and judge may have changed his mind about Brit Brit.

"Simon's worried she won't be able to deliver good advice, and he's afraid contestants won't take her seriously," a source told Us Weekly about why Cowell flip-flopped on Spears. He had gushed how she is still hot, how people still care about her and buy her records and about how generally resilient the 'Criminal' singer is. Guess he's no longer of that opine.

He supposedly wants someone with more experience, but Brit is not newcomer. She was allegedly offered $10 million but asked for $16 and then talks stalled.

And the drama mill continues to spin regarding 'X.'

PopCrush readers, who do you think would be the ideal replacements for Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul?