Serving as a judge and talent finder for 'X Factor' and 'Britain's Got Talent' isn't enough for Simon Cowell. Now he's taking his talent search instincts to the web, launching 'The You Generation,' a worldwide online search for the next crop of future superstars.

The campaign launches on March 20 in partnership with YouTube. Reports suggest that the contest will look not just for singers, but for cooks, makeup artists, and other talents that aren't always recognized by reality competition shows. New contests will be held every two weeks over a period of a year, and residents of 26 different countries will be eligible to participate.

Cowell's company, Syco, said in a statement, "The channel offers people with unconventional and original talents the opportunity to have their talent recognized by the world and become the next internet star." The entire campaign will be held online via submissions to YouTube.

The You Generation already has some high-profile supporters. One Direction, Cowell proteges who got their start as contestants on 'X Factor' in England, shared the announcement of the new talent search on their Facebook page.