Simon Cowell is getting ready for the premiere of his new show 'The X Factor,' and now he's opening up about what he expects from the inaugural crop of contestants.While the creator of the show can't wait to unveil his new project, he warns that he's expecting more than just the average cover. "We want as many unique versions as possible, or it just turns into a karaoke completion," he said during a press conference. "You're going to hear contestants way outside their comfort zone, so it doesn't sound like a sound-alike. Otherwise it's just boring."

To impress the seasoned talent competition judge, the hopefuls should know not to pick a song Cowell has heard time and again. His least favorite tunes? "'Ordinary People,' by John legend," he admitted. "I have to stop in now after about five seconds…'Unchained Melody,' someone once said that was my favorite song, I can't hear it anymore… 'At Last,' I think I am allergic to that song."

Did you hear that, future contestants? Regardless of what bad renditions may be in his future, the 51-year-old is "excited" about the US version of the hit series. "...There is always nerves with a new show but it's good nerves," he added. "I'm starting to have a good time now."

'The X Factor' premieres on Wed., Sept. 21 at 8 pm ET/PT on FOX.