'X Factor' judges warned 17-year-old Cari Fletcher that if she didn't find a way to separate herself from other pretty singers with a big voice, the competition would eat her alive. The high school junior impressed the audience and the four gatekeepers enough to move on to the next round, however.

The beautiful blonde sang Heart's 'Alone.' She began softly but showed off her classically trained pipes as the song swelled to its climax. "I really like your focus," Nicole Scherzinger said. "I think you have great potential." One thing fans of 'X Factor' have learned is that Scherzinger is the easiest to please, and if she's not gushing, a contestant is in trouble.

L.A. Reid said Fletcher had a star's name, star's face and star's voice. None of the four raved about the singer, and Simon Cowell called her boring and forgettable. She got four votes for promising she'd come back with something more unique in the next round. The move may have been an act of self preservation for the four, though. Fletcher brought seemingly her entire family, and there may have been a small riot if she'd gotten four nos.

Watch Cari Fletcher Perform 'Alone' on 'X Factor'