Dexter Haygood's act/persona was instantly obvious. He is a self-styled rock 'n' roll soul man -- Mick Jagger and James Brown all rolled into one, mixed into a single package, complete with his vintage disco dude heels. He had to show the judges the "Dex" factor, though, rather than portray himself as a copycat act, on 'X Factor.'

Haygood, who was the lead singer of a group called Xavion that toured with Hall and Oates, has been through the music business ups and downs, and the personal ringer. "As long as I'm living, I'm going to keep trying," he proclaimed. He currently lives couch-to-couch right now, after losing his home to foreclosure.

When onstage, he wasted no time getting the crowd into it. He performed 'Sex Machine' by James Brown and Cowell was not impressed, because there were no surprises. Haygood sounded exactly like Cowell expected him to sound.

Haygood was quickly labeled a tribute act who needed more originality. But rather than simply dismissing him, Cowell issued a challenge and said, "Forget the craziness. I'd like to hear something else: 15 seconds of you, a capella."

Haygood offered up a soulful, passionate minute that served as a lifeline that earned him his second chance. Cowell said that he can sing and has soul, and the rousing screams of the audience spoke volumes. We'll be hearing from Dexter Haygood again.