At first it seemed like 'X Factor' judges may have found their Scotty McCreery. A humble young country boy turned up at the Dallas, Texas audition during Thursday night's episode, and seemed to be saying all the right things. The story was building to one of those classic emotional moments where a small town singer takes the first step toward realizing his dream.

"I sold my truck, took that money from my truck to come here and audition," 18-year-old Dylan Lawson told the judges. Then things took a strange turn. One can't say for certain that Lawson actually sang a song. It was more like the violent part of an exorcism. He shook and jerked and twitched while spitting often unmentionable words. At the end he lay motionless on his belly.

"That was horrible," judge L.A. Reid said. "It's time for you to leave the stage," Cowell added. Lawson spent a few seconds chasing the black pop filter that had fallen from the microphone before walking off the stage.

If the Dallas audition results in a new country star, it's certain not to be the Kentucky born Dylan Lawson.

Watch Dylan Lawson's 'X Factor' Audition