Elton John's 'Your Song' is one of the most beautiful and touching love songs ever written. But apparently, Simone Battle thought it could use some improvements on tonight's 'X Factor.' After her original lackluster audition where the judges had her perform not one, but two songs before advancing her to the next round, Battle continued to underwhelm. Guess the judges should have gone with their guts on this one.

Battle, who oozes confidence, said she was bringing the world something we had never seen before. And boy was she right. Not only did she totally flip the melody and style of 'Your Song,' she also butchered the words. She sang the lyrics to one of the most perfectly written love songs with an diva-like attitude -- something we don't think Sir Elton John would be in support of. It's one thing to put your own spin on a classic song. It's quite another to totally rearrange the song until it is almost unrecognizable.

Battle was visibly upset after she finished her audition, saying that next time would be different.