Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were just a few of the pop stars who wowed us with their creativity this Halloween. Their costumes were top-notch, as were getups worn by Joe Jonas, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga and Liam Payne of One Direction. But which singing celeb would win "Best Dressed" at your annual Halloween bash?

For Halloween 2012, Katy Perry and her actress BFF Shannon Woodward ('Raising Hope') dressed up as cartoon BFFs Daria and Jane from the long-running MTV animated series. They looked like spitting images of the angsty teen girls, we just hope both of them had their monotone talk down for whatever party they were hitting up.

Then there was Miley Cyrus, who had the Internet abuzz with her amazing Nicki Minaj costume. From the arm tattoo and wig to her pose and pouty pink lips, Cyrus played one mean Harajuku Barbie. She even went as far to get the exact same jumpsuit Nicki wore in her 'Beez in the Trap' video! Now that's dedication.

Joe Jonas pulled out the puns for his costume, looking very PGA from the neck down, and very cartoonish from the neck up. The Jonas Brother dressed up as "Tigger Woods," sporting country club-ready khaki slacks, a collared T-shirt, golf shoes and a club with his gigantic 'Winnie the Pooh' Tigger head. We wouldn't expect anything less from the goofy singer.

Then there was Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga, who were more metaphorical creatures for Halloween. Lambert never really dresses up as a specific thing, but he always manages to capture the nature of Halloween with his spooky costumes. This year, he opted for some scary but glamorous face paint, white-out contact lenses, vampire teeth and a creepy top hat and suit to match. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga paid tribute to her favorite herbal remedy, marijuana, with her "Cannabis Queen" costume. We bet there were a lot of joints passed around at that party...

Finally, One Direction member Liam Payne really impressed us with his Batman costume. It's like he could've been Christian Bale's stunt double in 'The Dark Knight Rises,' that's how official his Batman suit is. The best part? When he tweeted a picture of himself as Batman (aka Bruce Payne, LOL) reading a One Direction magazine in a convenience store. Halloween must be such a fun time for celebs, especially in instances like this when they go completely incognito for a change.

So, who had the best Halloween costume of 2012? Vote below, and click on the button to get a closer look of these costume plus many, many more!

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