Grammy winning dubstep DJ Skrillex released a video for 'Bangarang,' and it's pretty trippy. Featuring a caricature of an overweight man with a mustache and kids attached to wires, it's as fun to watch as the song is to listen to.The clip opens with dogs barking at the fat, cartoonish man, who's driving an ice cream truck and eating the cones as he maneuvers about town. A boy who owns the dogs seems to be fleeing from him, while another in a purple hoodie is hooked up to electric wires. When he puts his hand to other wiring on a building, sparks literally fly. Soon, another young chap is seen playing with dynamite.

All three boys are wearing bandannas, that they later use to obscure their faces. They launch a pincer attack on the ice cream truck operator: the kid with the explosives fires a small bomb, conveniently labeled "BANG," at the truck with his slingshot. The electrically charged child in purple rests his own wired hand against mechanical wiring in the truck, giving a shocking jolt to the driver. The boy with all the dogs throws marbles on the ground outside the truck's door, causing the driver to fall down immediately when he tries to exit the vehicle.

The boys have teamed up to rob the truck of all its precious cargo: ice cream cones. They stuff them into their backpacks, fighting back at the driver when he tries to detain them. Later, they sit together and indulge in their treats -- which are an interesting color and taste. (You'll have to watch to find out what we mean.)

Soon, we see the gentlemen in the future. We won't give it away, but we'll tell you this: their sweet operation is only the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Skrillex 'Bangarang' Video