EDM superstars Skrillex and deadmau5 once again traded insults to each other over Twitter and this time, the gloves were off.

Back in August, Billboard reported that Skrillex first called deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman) an "a--hole" during a radio interview, criticizing that deadmau5 needs to change his act if he is to lead young artists on his record label. The comments stemmed from deadmau5 making comments about Skrillex and Diplo teaming with Justin Bieber for the track "Where Are U Now," calling the song "sh--."

“I’ll always have love for Joel, because he’s put me on at an early time. But he’s an a--hole. And everyone knows that, he knows that. I think that’s kinda his thing. The one thing that is unfortunate about it is he has a record label and when you have a record label you've got to be a leader and he has people that are signed to him. I couldn’t imagine being a leader, going out [with] a public image being such a negative attitude."

Yesterday on Twitter, the feud reignited when Skrillex once again brought up the idea that deadmau5 shouldn't be running a label.

deadmau5 quickly hit back at Skrillex with his own set of tweets.

Some EDM fans following the two DJ superstars were confused regarding what happened.

deadmau5, who has been known to openly criticize other music artists, didn't seem to be shaken by Skrillex's comments.