Skrillex and Deadmau5 are in a fight right now.

Sparked by a discussion with 92.3 AMP Radio about the time Deadmau5 referred to the Jack Ü track "Where Are Ü Now?" as having "shitty f---king 3rd grade production and autotuned 'singing' bullsh--t," the former From First to Last frontman didn't mince words when he admitted that Deadmau5 is an "asshole."

Skrillex said, “I’ll always have love for Joel, because he’s put me on at an early time (in his career). But he’s an asshole. And everyone knows that, he knows that. I think that’s kinda his thing. The one thing that is unfortunate about it is he has a record label and when you have a record label you've got to be a leader and he has people that are signed to him. I couldn’t imagine being a leader, going out [with] a public image being such a negative attitude. I think his attitude has changed over the last couple of years. I don’t take it personally, I feel worse for him.”

Never one to respond well to criticism of any kind, Deadmau5 fired back in a full-fledged Twitter rant, his preferred form of communication. He began, “Don’t really give a f—k tbh." Then he followed that statement up with a deluge of tweets that indicated he did, indeed, give many f---ks. After responding directly to a few fans like an angsty teenager ("Whatever. You like what you like." and "Sorry for being me."), he went full-fledged defensive.

Deadmau5 continued, "At the end of the f—king day, if I’m ‘miserable/moody/negative’ then that’s just me dealing with or not dealing with internal sh—. Yes. I’m aware that I can be a f—king diva. Yes I am aware [that] I have more than one complex. Very f—king aware. The people you should REALLY f—king worry about, are the people who don’t know it. So YES @skrillex I’m SUPER SAD I’m not as cheerful, and super inspired by life like you. and i’m so SORRY I’ an asshole. but how about you let me worry about that sh—.”

Ending things on a forcedly lighthearted note Deadmau5 wrote, “Now, give it a f—king rest and talk about cats or some sh— so I can go build a PC."