Skrillex and his EDM contemporaries have revolutionized popular music, and now they're trying to do the same in the world of online video.

With the help of Diplo, A-Trak and Boys Noize, Skrillex has created POTATO, a new YouTube channel that promises to "bring back the spirit of early music television for the digital and mobile era."

It's old-school MTV for today's generation, essentially. POTATO is a partnership with Iconic TV, an online network that creates programming for entities like Jay-Z's Life + Times. Skrillex and his team say they want to "give voice and vision to the immensely diverse and ever-growing field of music, recognizing that there no longer is a divide between musician and fan."

What kind of videos will the channel offer? The preview clip above gives some idea. Show titles include 'Cosmo's Crates,' 'Short Cuts,' 'Listen Up With Ralph Moore,' and 'Video Killed the Radio.' The network also promises video premieres and DJ mixes.

The channel began putting up content on Feb. 18. A series from Diplo and Shane McCauley called 'Blow Your Head' already has its own trailer that shows footage of people dancing in foreign countries.

Will POTATO succeed? Perhaps that depends whether you're entertained by the sight of a singing potato making dubstep noises to imitate Skrillex. We sure are!