We get to know pop starlet Sky Ferreira a little better in the British edition of Vogue. The singer poses like the model that she is/has been -- with her vintage Samhain T-shirt (that's a metal band from the '80s), knotty bedhead and that famous crimson pout, that latter of which should find its way into the daydreams of hormonal teen boys -- and we get a clearer idea of what she's about. Dirty sexy, indeed.

She looks like a modern update of 'Married With Children' character Kelly Bundy, played to perfection by Christina Applegate in the '80s: rumpled, disheveled and all sorts of come hither!

Her red pucker is matched by a pair of cherry red frames and her nails are painted an autumnal shade of wine. Ferreira's not quite jailbait, but she does look like a hellion who could cause a whole bunch o' trouble if you stay out past curfew with her -- in the best way, of course! What's so scorching about these photos is that she doesn't resort to showing skin to be sexy. She's rather covered up, but it's the way she manipulates her facial features that stirs things up. The stare! The lips!

Ferreira, 19, has penned songs for others, released the 'As If' EP in March, found herself in the center of a label bidding war and starred in controversial ads for CK One. All the trappings of pop superstardom are here and at her disposal. Not to mention that she takes a mean photo.