Jimmy Choo announced the title of its upcoming new fragrance, Illicit, and with it they named sad songstress Sky Ferreira as the face of its impending campaign.

You can check out a photo of Sky's ad for the fragrance over at Fashion Monitor. She's been styled in a way that's a total 180 from her usual tough-girl-grunge look, complete with long blonde hair and all-pink-everything. According to the site, perfumer Anne Flipo is credited with creating the scent, which is set for an August 31 release date. She said, "I imagined a remarkable yet audacious fragrance, with a tempting signature. That's why I decided to lay down a fizzy start and floral heart on a unique honey-amber structure. Built around sensuality and addiction, it offers radiance and timeless elegance."

Speaking of radiance and timeless elegance, Sky posted a teaser clip for her upcoming new song "Guardian" on Instagram yesterday (June 3), which, praise the Lord she's making her indie-pop return to our lives, because ever since the release of her debut album Night Time, My Time, we haven't heard much else from her.

Sure, the album came out less than two years ago, but we're ready for new music from Sky. She recently confirmed that her sophomore album will be called Masochism which is equal parts terrifying and exciting. But if anyone can pull off dark-indie-pop (is that what we're calling it? Sure) it's Sky.

Check out the clip of "Guardian" below.