Sky Ferreira isn't buzzing at the level of, say, Lana Del Rey, yet. However, the bedhead blonde is on the cusp of superstardom and her Madonna-inspired spread in V Magazine's music issue could catapult her to the top of the heap and have everyone asking, "Who's that girl?"

In the magazine, Ferreira is imaged as Madonna, aping a variety of the Material Girl's most iconic looks from the '80s, armful of rubber bracelets and all. It's as though Sky is a mini-Madge or the 2012 version of Madonna. These images are that type of "next level" stuff that gets people talking. It's also like stepping into a time warp. Where are the legwarmers and Aqua Net?

Famed photographer Mario Testino brings the inner Madonna out of Ferreira, who plays the role to the hilt, with her pouty lips and bedroom eyes. The most realistic homage to Madonna is the virgin bride shot, where Sky is rocking a lace dress with the "boy toy" belt buckle. The similarities are striking. Sky also looks like Madonna's other daughter donning the black leather newsboy cap and rocking the Marilyn Monroe-like waves.

This shoot could be what launches Ferreira's music career, simply because it gets people talking. Enjoy a look at the images, and you can pick an issue once it drops Jan. 12.

What do you think Madonna would think about Sky Ferreira's pictorial? Would she be touched? Impressed? Amused? Bored? Accuse the up-and-comer of a case of idol worship? Let us know in the comments below.