Sure as sin, Sky Ferreira's collaboration with Primal Scream has finally arrived.

Much like the mission statement of Katy Perry's Prism (except not like that at all), the Night Time, My Time singer decided to let in the light alongside the prolific Scottish rockers on their sparkly synth-rock collaboration "Where The Light Gets In," a track off of the band's upcoming record due out on March 18, Chaosmosis.

"Peace begins within / I'm never gonna die again / The wound is a place where the light gets in," Ferreira fiercely declares alongside frontman Bobby Gillespie.

“The reason I like working with them is because there’s absolutely no pressure. It’s nice to walk in somewhere and they’re not like, ‘Okay, your label is harassing me about this and that.’ I set it up without anyone else involved, so we just sit and write in a room and there’s no pressure," Sky said to Billboard of the collaboration.

The accompanying video is a technicolor dream, full of lava lamp-like projections, ample back-and-forth finger pointing, moody hair flinging, a briefly amazing moment with a star-shaped guitar and, best of all, some vinyl digging. Sky Ferreira sorting through vintage records in sequins and silver boots? Better yet, why have one Sky Ferreira when you could have FIVE? Dream girl group line-up, and truly all I ever needed. (Well, actually, I need Masochism more than anything, but this will do as a distraction.)

Watch "Where The Light Gets In" above.

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