Sky Ferreira put her record label on blast via Twitter earlier today (June 25). She expressed her frustrations with Polydor's continued refusal to support her creative output, and accused them of reproducing her music videos with other artists without crediting her.

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, she wrote (via Contact Music), "Me pulling teeth to get a video made from people who literally make treatments shot by shot of my previous video with another artist (sic)... They tried to hire every person who worked on all of them & literally replicate it... Ever heard of intellectual property?... I don't get the support I should have by now... At least have the decency to give me some support/budget/promotion for my work, if you're going to rip off my previous work that I paid for... 'Well. You didn't sell ____ amount of records (sic).'"

She continued, making a fair point about the correlation between label support and sales, writing, "No sh---. I think it did pretty well considering the circumstances... Maybe I would have 'sold more records' if I had the resources to do so. It's completely unfair that can even get used against me... I'm talking about labels & how they all need new structure... & need to be more creative & supportive of the people that they sign."

Ferreira has had a notoriously difficult time battling her label over the length of her career, and she's never shied away from talking about it publicly. During a 2014 interview with the Guardian she spoke candidly about her relationship with her label, saying she recorded the bulk of her debut album Night Time, My Time in two weeks, because the label was reportedly planning on releasing different material altogether.

She said, "I do a lot of stuff behind their back. I have to because nobody ever listens to me! I do have supporters at the label, but I still have to deal with a lot of people who are like: 'Er, I don't want to spend that money on her.'"

While there's no word yet as to when Ferreira's sophomore album Masochism will be released, she did confirm that a new song and film will debut at some point this summer. Here's hoping the label doesn't give her any problems this time around.