Remember Skylar Grey? She co-wrote Eminem's 'Love the Way You Lie' and was preparing to release her own album 'Invinsible' last year? Then she sorta just…disappeared. Well, she is back and fully reinvented, trading her black-haired, lipstick-smeared gothy glam for dirty girl, biker chick chic. At least that's how she looks on the cover of her new single 'C'Mon Let Me Ride,' which features her old pal Em.

Grey is rocking Daisy Dukes shorts, a bikini top, toned arms and rain boots as she handles a bike and stands in a mud puddle. It's certainly a much sexier image than we remember. When we spoke to her back in 2011, she didn't seem like the uber sexy type.

The title of 'Invinsible' is not the only thing that's changed when it comes to Miss Grey. Her album is now called 'Don't Look Down,' which is much easier to pronounce/remember. Grey has also traded up, style-wise, choosing to be a hottie, as opposed to an outcast, in her imaging.

Sex sells in this day and age, so we can understand her rationale for going this route.

PopCrushers, what do you think of Skylar Grey's new look? Do you prefer her as a hard-bodied hottie or did you like her darkly romantic, gothy look of yore? For a refresher in the "older" version of Grey, check out the vid below. You're welcome.

Watch the Skylar Grey 'Dance Without You' Video