Skylar Grey has released behind the scenes footage that explains her strange but gripping 'Dance Without You' video.

In the footage, the singer talks about her journey from singer-songwriter Holly Brook -- her given name -- to Skylar Grey. Brook is the character with red hair in the video, and Grey emerges from within her. "Skylar Grey is the stronger being and ends up leaving Holly to die," she says. "That's the theme of the video."

The special effects used to make Skylar burst from Holly involve prosthetic makeup and a condom, which was apparently blown up to make it look like a creature was emerging from under Holly's skin. When director P.R. Brown asks if she's ever used prosthetics before, Grey says, "No, but I always wanted elf ears."

Grey starts to get emotional in the footage when she talks about leaving Holly behind and becoming the Skylar that she is today:

"Changing my name was actually more of a life choice. I didn't want to be that person anymore. It had too many bad memories associated with it ... I was my own worst enemy as Holly. I held myself back ...

"My favorite part about today's shoot was getting rid of this aggression that I've had build up in me for so long. It feels good to get that energy out. It's real, genuine energy towards Holly Brook."

Her professional exorcism complete, Grey is now poised for success with the upcoming release of her first album, 'Invinsible.' She'll be performing at Lollapalooza in early August.

Watch the Skylar Grey 'Dance Without You' Behind-the-Scenes Footage