Details about Skylar Grey's upcoming album have been slow to emerge, but we now have some news about the first track: It's called 'Dance Without You,' and its cover art was released this week.

'Dance Without You' is the "buzz single" Grey mentioned previously. Not that the singer-songwriter needs any more buzz -- she's already gained fame for providing hooks for Diddy-Dirty Money, Lupe Fiasco, and Dr. Dre.

The cover of 'Dance Without You' is a black-and-white image featuring two shots of Grey's face, one gazing into the camera and the other facing off to the side.

Grey's album is expected sometime this fall. No release date or title has been announced, but the singer did say it will contain a lot of different musical styles, as well as at least one surprise guest.

That's about all we know about the album for sure, though it's a good guess that Grey, an accomplished songwriter, will be penning her own material. She earned two nominations at this year's Grammy Awards for co-writing the Eminem-Rihanna duet 'Love the Way You Lie.'

Listen to Skylar Grey's Original Demo Recording of 'Love the Way You Lie'