'Love the Way You Lie' and 'I Need a Doctor' hitmaker Skylar Grey may be a household name now, but before she found her edge she was pickpocketing food in any place she could reach. The songstress sat in with KISS 95.1 FM recently, and told the story of her life before success started spilling in.

After making a music debut under her real name, Holly Brook, back in 2006 on Warner Bros. Records, Skylar Grey says "everything crumpled" and she actually went flat broke. "Partially because after I asked to leave the label it took two years to get off the label, and in that time period, I was unable to release music legally," Grey explains. "That being my source of income, it totally just disappeared."

From there, Grey moved north of Los Angeles to a black widow-infested house, where she slept on the floor and ate anything she could reach -- even if it didn't belong to her. "I had a yoga mat for a bed, and was so broke that I was picking food off of trees and stuff … Stealing food from people," she admits.

When she moved to Oregon before finally getting her big break, Grey had to rely on her knowledge and a few life skills to get by. She says she she lived in a cabin "where I took care of myself with my basic survival skills. Really."

In 2011, Skylar Grey emerged on the Grammy stage alongside Eminem and Dr. Dre, which sent music fans around the world to Google, 'Who is Skylar Grey?' While we're still learning how she will fit into the music business as her reinvented self, rest assured that she isn't going anywhere.

As far as the future of her career is concerned, Grey promises, "I don't have any fears."

See Skylar Grey Admit to Stealing Food at KISS 95.1