Skylar Grey is having a coming out party of sorts. The singer has announced three new live shows which are her first in support of her debut album 'Invinsible.' While Grey has been toiling behind the scenes, authoring megawattage hits for Eminem and Lupe Fiasco, among others, she is ready to step out of the shadows and make a go of it as a solo artist.

In addition to her previously announced performance at Lollapalooza in Chicago on Aug. 6, Grey will play three warm-up gigs in California.

Grey debuted the delightfully sick and beautifully twisted video for 'Dance Without You' yesterday, and it's a gothic, cinematic clip that perfectly fits for the broody, biting nature of the song. Think Nine Inch Nails meets Florence + The Machine, with an edge so sharp it could slice your jugular.

Other song titles from her debut, which is due on an as-yet to be determined date this fall, include 'Weirdo,' 'Building a Monster' and 'Final Warning.' The foreboding, ominous connotations of those titles suggest that 'Invinsible' is a cathartic, bold listen and that it will be one of those albums that haunts us for days and in many, many ways.

The songs chronicle the journey that Grey has embarked on in recent years, from weakness to strength, from unknown to prominent in the murky music industry waters.

In fact, 'Building a Monster,' but not a Mother Monster, mind you, follows the process Grey has gone through to transform her lovely, shades o' grey self from invisible to invincible, the two words that are combined for the title.

Skylar Grey's New Live Dates:

7/27  --  San Diego, Calif. | Voyeur Nightclub
7/28 --  San Francisco, Calif. | Rickshaw Stop
7/30 -- Pomona, Calif. | The Glasshouse

Watch the Skylar Grey 'Dance Without You' Video