Have you ever had an inexplicably awesome night out on the town? The kind that's a little random, kinda weird, but all-around amazing? That's exactly what Sleeper Agent aimed to capture in their vibrant music video for their latest single, 'Be Brave.'

"When I set out to make the video for 'Be Brave', I really wanted to capture the feeling of any given amazing night," guitarist Tony Smith tells PopCrush. "Whether it be strange, exhilarating, dangerous or an adventure all it's own, the night is fragmented and the pieces don't all quite fit together in the reflective morning after."

The vivid, colorful music video is the perfect accompaniment to the electronic, buzz-worthy tune, which is all about letting go of difficult feelings and instead choosing to be courageous and adventurous.

"I've been feeling so lonesome that I could cry," the band sings on the track's addictive chorus. "But I could be brave in your bed tonight."

The video showcases all kinds of wild activities (we're talking everything from donning creepy animal masks to using human hair as a paintbrush), interspersed with clips of the group rocking out.

"I approached each bandmate and asked them what their (or their alter ego's) ideal post-show adventure would be," Smith explains about the vid's concept. "And we worked together to make this vision a reality." And they certainly did.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Sleeper Agent's 'Be Brave' video above!