This Monday (Feb. 13) on 'Smash,' Ivy and Karen (Katharine McPhee) are faced with the agonizing but exciting phenomenon that is the second callback audition.

In the episode, aptly named 'Callbacks,' McPhee covers Blondie's 'Call Me.'

The track opens as a ballad, which leads the listener to think it's a complete reworking of the song. However, once the first chorus hits, the tune breaks into its original rock style. McPhee still sings it in the style of a ballad in the verses, softly, quietly urging and begging the subject to hit her up. It's clear that she's not crying for onscreen boyfriend Dev to call her, but that she's dying to hear from director Derek Wills to see if she got her role of a lifetime.

In the meantime, Julia and her husband Frank are left frustrated when they attempt an international adoption, while Eileen struggles for financial backing for the musical -- and is still embroiled in a bitter divorce. It's clear that the song holds special and individualized meanings for all of the characters: Julia and Frank are waiting to hear from their adoption agencies, Eileen heeds calls from lawyers and producers, and Karen and Ivy wait for Derek's calls with bated breath.

So who actually gets called back after their callback? Tune in this Monday at 10PM ET to find out!

Listen to 'Smash' Cast, 'Call Me' Feat. Katharine McPhee