Katharine McPhee, Season 5 'American Idol' runner-up and star of the upcoming musical drama 'Smash,' is joining forces with Malaria No More to fight the deadly disease that kills a child every minute in Africa. In a new video, McPhee solicits donations on behalf of the organization and announces a contest in which one winner will get to travel to Africa with her.

The "Dream Big" campaign asks concerned individuals to text the word "dream" to 85944. Each text adds a $10 charge to your phone bill and sends the money to Malaria No More, which works to combat the disease. Everyone who donates is eligible to win a trip with McPhee to see the life-saving work firsthand.

"The best part is," McPhee says, "every text will treat a child for malaria. So let's dream big. Let's make malaria no more." The deadline for entry is Feb. 16, with the grand-prize winner announced on Feb. 26.

McPhee plays an aspiring actress in the Broadway-themed 'Smash,' which premieres on NBC on Feb. 6 and also stars Debra Messing, Jack Davenport and Anjelica Huston. Her character sings the self-affirming Christina Aguilera song 'Beautiful' during the first episode.

Watch Katharine McPhee's Malaria No More Video