The previews for episode 6 of 'Smash' have landed. The ep airs Monday, March 12, and there's a whole lotta drama going on. We know, we weren't surprised by that, either.

In one clip, Ivy's voice is cracking left and right when she tries to sing. She dances and sings with Derek in another.

She then snaps when Derek critiques her in what turns out to be the funniest clip. She is having a moment and hits her breaking point, shouting, "You could give me notes without publicly humiliating me ... artists are not football players who can take endless abuse and still do their jobs." He rolls his eyes and says she is "having a moment," which causes her to blow up and spew, "I don't need more time with the lyrics. I need to stop sleeping with men who are complete narcissistic p----s. Oh, and you're not that good looking and you're not that good in bed, either." Ouch. Zing! Well, not really. He is totally unaffected by her comments.

In another clip, Katharine McPhee's Karen is belting out Florence + the Machine's 's Shake It Out' at a bar mitzvah. While McPhee's voice is very different than Flo's, she has a good handle on it and gets the kids dancing at the celebration of the Jewish rite of passage.

Tune in tomorrow night to see the full episode!

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