As of late, everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Andrew Garfield to Jon Hamm have weighed in with their thoughts on Justin Bieber and his recent string of legal woes and other questionable behavior. And now, iconic Motown singer Smokey Robinson is speaking out on the advice he would give to the Biebs if they sat down to speak together.

"I know Justin pretty good. But I would love to sit him in a room somewhere and talk with him for an hour just one on one," Robinson revealed to PEOPLE magazine recently.

But what exactly does he have in mind to tell the young singer?

"I would tell him that the guys you're doing this stuff for, and in front of, and with, they have nothing to lose," he said, most likely referring to his entourage of pals who have gotten into their fair share of legal trouble as well.

"He's not only living for himself anymore," the 74-year-old performer continued. "He's too popular. So his image, and what he does, has influence on a lot of young people, so he needs to think about that."

While that may be true (just look at all of the Beliebers who are do devoted to him), the idea of living your life for others at just 20 years old is kind of a scary and overwhelming one. If the Biebs is aware of this -- which we're sure he is -- we can see why he'd almost want to react against it, just so he can feel that he has some sort of control over his own life.

But still, Robinson continued, Bieber should pick up the pieces by cutting himself off from that kind of behavior.

"He just divorces himself from that. That's what he does," the veteran singer explained that Bieber should do, referring to the bad behavior and habits that the 'Confident' singer has gotten himself into. "He just divorces himself from that element and gets himself together."

PopCrushers + Beliebers, what do you think of Smokey Robinson's advice? What are your thoughts on celebrities weighing in on Justin's behavior?