Update, 11/16: Tinashe stars in the "All My Friends" video, which is a green-tinted and clear eyed view of nightlife's less glamorous side. Watch above.

"All my friends are wasted. And I hate this club. Man, I drink too much. Another Friday night I wasted. My eyes are black and red. I'm crawling back to you, babe."

Confessional drunk text to an ex I sent last Friday at 3:30 in the morning? Why, yes! Well, no. But close.

In fact, that happens to be the way-too-real, singalong-friendly chorus of the fresh and deeply forlorn new joint by UK production duo Snakehips, featuring vocals by "Player" pop princess Tinashe and recent Rebel Heart "Iconic" guest, Chance The Rapper.

"All My Friends" is sort of like a far-too-faded sequel to "2 On": A few hours deep into going dumb (then going more dumb) with their crew, Tinashe and Chance take turns growing somber while sipping on their drinks in the club.

"Sure, I get lonely / When I'm the only, only human in the heaving heat of the animals," the Aquarius singer concedes, providing her usual brand of moody, melodic melancholy and heaven-sent falsetto to the tripping production. (Her "You didn't call me..." in the bridge, especially, provides a shiver or two.)

For his part, Chance provides a heavy dose of introspection once he hops on for a verse: "Dreams are made for cages n---a, lions are for real n---a / Dying is for real, n---s dying off of pills," he raps.

It's a new last call anthem, perfectly suited for that time of the night right before you ditch your friends and head home to crash...because what goes 2 On, must come 2 Down.

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