A preview of tonight's 'Glee' Season 3 premiere episode, entitled 'The Purple Piano Project,' has hit the Web. The clip is for the opening musical number, in which the New Directions take over the cafeteria for a performance of the Go-Go's track 'We Got the Beat.'

In the sneak peek, Rachel kicks off the song, belting out the opening lyrics as she struts across a cafeteria table. Finn, Artie and a live band -- which features the purple piano talked about in the episode's title -- sit in the corner of the William McKinley High School dining hall as the rest of the Glee club dances around and sings on tables.

Santana and Brittany also have solos during 'We Got the Beat,' and Brittany delivers some sexy gyrations while sliding across the caf table in her portion of the song. The video also features cameo appearances from two new 'Glee' characters. Mercedes can be seen hugging her new football star boyfriend, Marcus, and Sugar, the new bad girl freshman at WMHS can be seen checking out Puck.

'Glee' Season 3 premieres tonight on FOX at 8PM EST. Tune in to see more musical numbers from all of your favorite characters -- click here to find out which songs the cast will be singing during 'The Purple Piano Project' episode.

Watch the 'Glee' Cast Perform 'We Got the Beat'