If you've been wondering to yourself, "What is it that the world needs more of?" NBC has the answer: musical TV shows. The network will premiere their brand new musical drama, 'Smash,' in February, but you can catch a sneak peek of Katharine McPhee performing a Christina Aguilera song right now!

In the clip, the former 'American Idol' runner-up can be seen in shining lights, belting out the lyrics to the gorgeous Xtina tune, 'Beautiful.' The promo also gives a peek at the drama that will ensue, but without any knowledge of the characters or storyline, we're just pleased to see McPhee taking on the city and the stage.

Of course, it's no coincidence that the promo shows McPhee singing Christina Aguilera -- 'Smash' will air the day after 'The Voice' Season 2 premieres, featuring Miss Aguilera.

'Smash' will debut Monday (Feb. 6) on NBC, and if the former 'AI' star isn't doing it for you, maybe the promise of season guest star Nick Jonas will?

Watch a Sneak Peek of NBC's 'Smash'